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Posted on: February 10, 2009 12:02 pm

A Roid, please just go away.


Alex Rodriguez was busted for steroids, is anyone really that surprised.  I had never heard that he was suspected of using them prior to this, and I was glad that he was on pace to break Barry Bond’s home run record.  When I heard the news I felt almost nothing.  No surprise, no anger.  It seems that no one is immune to steroids.


I really don’t even care that much.  His reputation is now tarnished, and no matter how many press conference’s he does, or how many home runs he hits from this point forward he will now be another asterisk in a very forgettable era in baseball history.  I don’t want to hear anything else about it unless he’s suspended or some other actual action is taken.  But the fact is he will suffer no repercussions outside of his damaged reputation, so what is the point of hearing anything more about it.


His “apology” was worthless.  He played it as if he was the victim that was prohibited from using his own free will and thought.  Everyone was doing it.  I felt pressure from my big contract.  Who cares, you put it into your body, and you made the choice.  Even if you didn’t know what it was it was still your choice to do something that you didn’t know anything about.   You signed the contract, you wanted to be the highest paid player, and you still want to be the highest paid player.  The pressure stems from your own greed, and now you will forever be known as A Fraud, A Roid, or whatever else the fans and the media chose.  A Roid chose the substance, now the fans chose his legacy.

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