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Posted on: February 11, 2009 5:10 pm

The Cost of Success

Adam Dunn has found a new team, the Washington Nationals.  Congratulations to Dunn on his new 2 year $20,000,000 contract.  He’ll be joining a team that won 59 games last year, a mere 22 games under .500.  The Washington Nationals most likely will not do any better this year, having a starting rotation consisting of Scott Olsen, Daniel Cabrera, and John Lannan as their top three pitchers.  Not to mention that they are in a division with the Mets, Phillies, and Braves. 


After spending his entire career with the Reds and never playing in a post season game, Dunn had said he was excited to be playing in a game that mattered in September after he was traded to the Diamondbacks last season.  Unfortunately the Diamondbacks did not make the playoffs and his post season absence streak continued.  Due to limited payroll space the Diamondbacks declined to offer him arbitration and he hit the free agent market.


Dunn made $13 million last season, and due to economic conditions he will be taking a $3 million dollar pay cut this season playing with the Nationals. There may have not been much interest in Dunn as all teams are limiting their spending right now, but it begs the question, when is the money not worth the losing, as I’m sure that he could have signed for less money on a better team.


Dunn has made $36.6 million since 2002.  Even if he put that money in a checking account with no interest that would allow him to spend $611,000 every year for the next 60 years.  With that in the bank, how much of a pay cut would he be willing to take to play on a winning team? How much is success worth?  I understand that $5 million is a great deal of money, but after you are set for life wouldn’t you rather play for $5 million on a team that will be a contender than for $10 million on a team that has absolutely no chance?


I’m not sad the Diamondbacks didn’t sign him; he wasn’t the best fit on a team with a third of the line up in the top ten in the league in strikeouts.  It seemed to me that after saying what he said last season he may have decided to sign with a contender for less.  I guess that success isn’t worth that much after all.

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