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Posted on: September 21, 2009 1:59 pm

Next Up on the Eric Byrnes Show...Nothing!

The Eric Byrnes show has been cancelled, mercifully, leaving fans wishing that his contract could be cancelled just as easily.  The show was a constant reminder to fans that 15% of the team’s payroll is being used for an oft injured bench player hitting .214, essentially taking the Diamondbacks payroll from $73 million to $63 million, which would put them in the bottom seven in MLB payroll.  It was salt in the wounds of the Diamondbacks faithful, who, while watching their team likely be on the losing end of a game, also had to be subjected to Eric Byrnes Show promos during commercial breaks.   So while the bullpen was collapsing or the offense was being shut down, we also got to see clips of our $10 million dollar man playing mister mom, cleaning up goat crap at the zoo, or riding a jet ski.

To me the cancellation of that embarrassing TV show is symbolic more than anything.  This is the beginning of the cleansing process.  The staring lineup of the team next year will look very different than the starting lineup of the overachieving 2007 team, with only two players who started the majority of games that season expected to start next year as well.  The pitching staff may or may not have one player from the 07 rotation, depending on what happens to Brandon Webb.


The team is on the right track, as far as position players go, finally starting to gain legitimacy after what has been proven to be a fluke season where they won many games by just a run or two and were driven by the strength of their pitching staff.  Justin Upton has emerged as a star.  Miguel Montero has shown some of the potential that we’ve heard he had all along.  Mark Reynolds is showing himself to be a legitimate big league slugger.  Gerardo Parra is looking like he will be a fixture in the outfield.  It’s up to Josh Byrnes to build on this base and get a one or two veteran players that can provide leadership as well as on field production. 


There is a good chance that the Diamondbacks will miss the playoffs in 2010 as well, but at least we no longer have to see an organization’s mistake every time we watch a game and wonder what could have been if they had an extra $10 million dollars to spend.


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Posted on: May 12, 2009 6:58 pm

Mixing it up part two, back to the minors

Time to send Chris Young to Reno and use Eric Byrnes as the full time center fielder. Chris Young is not doing himself or the team any favors by continuing to be in the lineup when he is performing like he is. Heís hitting .193 this season and has never hit over .250 in his career. He strikes out too much and heís essentially regressed every year. Something is not working. Give him some time in the minors and see if he can figure it out. Eric Byrnes has been absolutely terrible this season. To say that he has been an embarrassment might be an understatement. Over the past week it looks like he is starting to pick it up a bit and he may benefit by being in the lineup every day. Heís making mental mistakes that I donít think he would normally make if he didnít have the pressure of coming off the bench. The media in this city has absolutely destroyed Eric Byrnes this season and rightfully so. He can still play defense and he can still run well on the base path. If he can get back to hitting .260, his career average, he could be a great benefit to this team. The team needs a face of the franchise and a leader. Eric Byrnes was that face in 2007. Fans loved his spirit and his hustle. There is no one else right now that can fill that role. There needs to be a spark plug for this team, a catalyst in the dug out. A lot of times this season the players seem like they just donít care and they arenít having fun. I said this team needs to do big things to get back in it and they need to start thinking unconventionally. Sending down Chris Young to start a guy every day who has been under the Mendoza line the entire season is pretty unconventional. People may chastise it as a lateral move, but it is however what this team needs to do. Get Byrnes in the line up, get the energy back, fire up the younger players, and start having fun playing baseball again. If Byrnes is still not performing in three weeks call Chris Young back up and stick Byrnes on the bench again. Chances are Chris Young wouldnít have done any better anyway. Right now this team has nothing to lose, 20% of the season is done and they have only won two series. The current formula is not working, time to change it up, time to make a move.
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