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Posted on: September 1, 2009 12:46 pm

Jon Garland and Dbacks money to the Dodgers

Jon Garland was traded last night mid-game to the opposing Dodgers.  Depending on who you believe this was either a good move or a senseless once.  Garland was approached by the Dbacks a few weeks ago about his 2010 option and apparently the meeting did not go well.  It was looking like this would be Garland’s first and only season with the team.  He was a number four starter who was very inconsistent, didn’t pitch well at Chase Field, and often gave up four or more runs a game.  The team certainly should not have gone to any great expense in keeping him.


MLB.com reports that the Dbacks will pay the remainder of Garland’s 2009 salary, approximately $1 million, and his 2010 buyout which would be between $1 to 2.5 million. However, Josh Byrnes indicated in an interview this morning that the team would save around $1 million for the rest of the season with the move.  I’m all for the team saving money anyway they can, Garland only had six more starts this season and if they were able to move him it was smart to do so, but to pay someone to play for the Dodgers is unthinkable.


Byrnes also indicated that both the player to be named in the Garland deal and the player to be named in the Rauch deal would be expected to compete for roster spots for the 2010 Diamondbacks.  There is speculation that the player to be named in the Garland deal is Tony Abreu, a 25 year old infielder who has played in 6 games this season.  He has had a good season so far in AAA, batting .351.  With the Diamondbacks infield largely set for next season it appears that the only place that they would be able to use Abreu would be 2B, where Ryan Roberts has been making a case to be the full time starter next season with his .299 average.


I certainly hope that the Diamondbacks are not paying the Dodgers $2 million to help them in the postseason and only getting in return a player for a position where they have someone batting .299.  I know that the jury is still out on Roberts but there are other areas that really need to be addressed.  If the MLB.com reports are inaccurate and the Dodgers are paying the $2 million then it takes away some of the sting, but I still don’t like trading with the Dodgers.

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