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Posted on: May 13, 2008 4:32 pm
Edited on: May 13, 2008 4:50 pm

Karl the Pedophile Malone

I heard this story over the weekend and found it unbelievable, not only for the facts but also because I hadn't heard it before.  ESPN jumps when a high school girls basketball player makes a half court shot or when there is any type of misconduct whatsoever, so that makes it more unbelievable.

Karl Malone impregnated a 12 year old girl when he was in college.

Karl Malone, who made $100 million in the NBA, refused to pay any child support.  The child's mother was asking for $200 a week and Malone was court ordered to pay $175 a week after DNA proved paternity.

Karl Malone told his son when he was entering college, it's too late for me to be your father you need to make your own money.

Now, the cast off son was just drafted by the Buffalo Bills as an offensive lineman.  I believe his name is Demarcus Bell.

Just wanted to see if others had heard of this I have no idea why the media would sweep it under the rug.

After quite a bit of searching I found this article on ESPN.com, nice they put it on page 2.



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