Posted on: February 12, 2009 5:20 pm

Finally, Favre

Number four is finally gone.  After a forgettable season in a foreign city, Brett Favre has realized that football doesn’t have room for him anymore.  He had an average season statistically speaking, and nearly took the Jets to the playoffs, but it was a season that was one too many for most Americans. 


First Favre recanted on his tearful retirement.  Then you began to hear stories about Favre trying to force the Packer’s hand, contacting the Vikings directly, then providing the Packer’s plays to the Lions.  And America wondered, what the hell are you doing?  Finally, at the end of the season several of Favre’s teammates spoke out against him, saying he was aloof and distant in the locker room and separated himself from the team.


It was a season that separated Favre from the hearts of the fans.  I had always admired him for the way he played.  Always all out, always having fun.  His passion was what did him in; it was what brought him back for this final season.  But thankfully for Favre in a few years people will barely remember this season, and in five years I’m sure we’ll get a tearful speech in Canton, Ohio as Favre enters the hall of fame as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play.

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