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Posted on: July 7, 2009 10:03 am

The Case for Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds should be the last player added to the NL All Star team.  He clearly has better power numbers than any of the other four and has a respectable amount of stolen bases as well. While he is the only player hitting under .300, his power numbers are so much better than the other players it more than makes up for the lower average. 

He has 100% more homeruns than the next highest player, Sandoval, and 38% more RBI than the next two highest players, Kemp and Sandoval.  He is third in the NL in RBI, second in HR behind only Albert Pujols, and tied for ninth in SB.  He has a higher SLG than the other four, only behind Pablo Sandoval in OPS, and only behind Shan Victorino in runs scored.       

As far as contributing to his team Reynolds has 18% of his team’s RBI, the highest percentage of any of the five, 15% of his team’s runs, the highest percentage of the five, and 12% of his team’s total hits, which is about where the other four are as well.  

Below are the numbers for the player’s RBI, runs, and hits, followed by the percentage of that player’s teams total RBI, runs, and hits.   

Reynolds 61 RBI, 18%, 53 R, 15%, 81 H, 12% DBACKS 338 RBI 358 R 687 H

Sandoval 44 RBI, 14%, 37 R, 11%, 93 H, 13%
SF 316 RBI 337 R 721 H 35

Victorino 35 RBI, 9%, 55 R, 13.5%, 96 H, 13.7% PHI 393 RBI 407 R 698 H

Guzman 21 RBI, 6%, 41 R, 11.7%, 92 H, 13% WAS 337 RBI 350 R 712 H

Kemp 44 RBI, 11.7%, 43 R, 11%, 92 H, 12% LA 375 RBI 398 R 774 H

*Stats as of 7/6/09

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