Posted on: February 6, 2008 8:49 am

Suns get Shaq

It's a done deal.  Shaq is on his way to Phoenix to meet with the Suns and take a so called physical.  This trade came out of nowhere and right now is bringing a city to its knees.  On one hand I can see they maybe had to do it to off set the Lakers acquisition of Pau Gasol.  The Suns were backed into a corner and had to make a move.  Shawn Marion has pretty much been a malcontent for the past two years and after last years playoff loss to the Spurs it came out that there were more clubhouse problems that the fans were led to believe.  It's been reported that Shawn Marion actually wants to go to the Heat, a 9 win team.  So maybe there is a lot of truth to the chemisty problems talk.

On the bright side, Shaq will get an opportunity to face off against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers and take them out.

On the dark side...uh, Shaq has only played in 5 games since the start of the year.

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