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Posted on: July 13, 2009 2:17 pm

Tim Lincecum Named All Star Starter

The Diamondbacks have let down Haren once again this season.  Due to the consistency in which they have blown games or not provided run support Dan Haren has an unimpressive record of 9-5.  It was not enough to compete with Tim Lincecum’s 10-2. 


Haren, as expected, was not named as the starter for the 2009 All Star game, but rather Tim Lincecum from the NL Wild Card leading Giants.  Tim Lincecum is a great pitcher, in fact probably the second best pitcher in baseball behind Haren, but he would not have got the nod had Haren been on a lot of other teams.


Lincecum has great stats this season; they just aren’t as good as Haren’s.  Dan Haren leads MLB, not just the NL, in ERA, WHIP, and K/BB ratio (among starters).  His batting average against is .189, Lincecum’s is .215, and he leads Lincecum in every other major statistic besides wins and strikeouts.     


Whether it was due to the wins, the teams overall records, or just the fact that the Giants are a more popular team than the Diamondbacks remains to be seen.  It was probably a combination of all those things.  Hopefully these same things are less of a factor when it comes to the Cy Young voting. 

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