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Posted on: August 13, 2009 12:42 pm

Diamondbacks Fun Again

Watching the Diamondbacks is starting to get good again.  It appears that players taking the field actually care and are playing at full speed.  Even though the Dbacks have no shot of winning the division or making the playoffs the games are at least exciting to watch, thanks in large part to a group of young and not so young recent call ups.


Trent Oeltjen has been a man possessed since he was called up last week.  He has 12 hits in 29 at bats, he is stretching singles into double, doubles into triples, and has already appeared in the Web Gems segment of Baseball Tonight for his play in the outfield.  It appears that playing in the minors for nine years will motivate someone to hustle once they make it to the majors.  Alex Romero has also been making the most of his recent call up, hitting .393 in the last seven days.   


Due to injuries, trades, released players, and players sent to the minors a lot of guys are getting an opportunity that they normally would not have, and they join a team that is now looking like they are not that far away from being competitive.  During the lean months of April, May, and June not only was the team losing but they were playing sloppy uninspired baseball.  They were getting booed nightly at Chase Field and becoming one of the worst teams in baseball. 


July 3 was the crescendo of their ineptitude, sparking the Mark Reynolds diatribe, and July 4 was their independence day.  They were declaring themselves free of the losing ways and attitudes that had been so prevalent the previous two months.  Since July 4 the team is 21-14, a .600 winning percentage.  Not too shabby for a six week period.  No one expects them to keep that pace up for the rest of the season by any means, but at least it shows that they have it in them.


Trent Oeltjen and Alex Romero will cool off and come back down to Earth, but it sure is fun watching them tear it up right now.  Finally, it is good to be a Dbacks fan again.

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